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Because your website is frequently the first place where clients and prospects learn about your company, it must work hard to make a good first impression, load fast, and assist users in finding the information they need, ultimately driving engagement and conversions.

When your website tells a fantastic narrative, customers will shop, explore, and interact with it more. On WordPress, our web design generates leads, sells items, and tells compelling stories.

Over the previous 5 years, we've refined a simple yet thorough web design and development approach. It's simple, intuitive, and based on data. Take a peek at some of the web design services we provide and the clients we've worked with within the sections below.

Hiring an internet marketing firm is one of the most effective methods to reach out to potential customers while keeping a strong relationship with current ones. Customers will always be able to find you if you have a strong internet presence.

WebDesign Services - avg. 500$

SEO Moment has worked with a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and start-ups. We have a wide range of solutions, whether it's a brand new website or an existing e-commerce website that needs to be updated. We know what it takes to create a presence with purpose since we have a full crew of website developers, copywriters, advisers, public relations experts, search curators, social media engineers, and professionals from other industries.

UX and UI Design - avg. 350$

Our team focuses on offering our clients user-friendly and intuitive solutions, and while creating websites, we pay great attention to user experience to ensure that our clients' unique demands are satisfied. The design of a user interface for computers, mobile devices, and other electronic devices are known as user interface (UI) design. The goal of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design is to improve the user's experience. Our small, dedicated team uses their considerable industry knowledge and experience to build simple user interface solutions that ensure your target audience has a positive online experience with your company in the future.

eCommerce Web Development - avg. 1500$

SEO Moment can help you create the ideal store for you with our unique eCommerce development solutions, whether you're wanting to upgrade an existing online platform or are brand new to eCommerce. The following can be incorporated using the best platforms available and modifying the capabilities based on your particular needs: Customer Relationship Management Software, Enterprise Resource Planning Software, Contact Database Management, Custom Shopping Cart Features, and Email Marketing Synchronization are all things that merchant accounts may help with.

Maintenance WebSite - avg. 200$

By developing a monthly action plan to preserve stability, we can ensure that your domain is always up to date and bug-free with our website maintenance plan. If you're constantly upgrading items and content on the backend of an eCommerce website or a digital publishing platform, frequent website maintenance may be required. Adding and modifying images, content and link updates, general technical support, web design, and coding maintenance, routing updates and support, weekly website backups, and scheduled Ecommerce backend maintenance are just a few of the things we do regularly.

Branding & Logo Design - avg. 150$

Any website's branding is crucial. It combines the company's history and goal into a single, overarching visual language that may be used to set your company and goods apart from the competition. SEO Moment Agency is a leading eCommerce design, development, and marketing firm that can assist you with your company's branding. We focus on developing a distinct voice and visual style that carries your brand across all parts of your business.

Looking for a strategic partner to assist you in developing a website that converts visitors into customers and generates revenue?

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The Web Design Process

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A collaborative meeting to discuss your company goals, target audience, and website functionality kicks off the design process. We walk you through the user experience and site architecture (sitemaps, wireframes), graphic design, content strategy, copywriting, SEO, web development, and hosting stages of the web design and development process.

Our web designers collaborate with our web developers at every stage of the process. Initial brainstorming and testing on different browsers, phones, and tablets are just a few of these steps to ensure intuitive and frustration-free user experiences.

User experience, visual, and development considerations are constantly taken into account while developing features and functionality such as responsive design, CSS3 animations, HTML5, CRM integrations, Google Maps integrations, and lead generation forms. The goal is to strike a balance between a great user experience and a unique visual design.

Small microsites and landing pages to large e-commerce websites — and everything in between — are all possible.

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