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Case Study - PoliLingua

The pandemic-related lockdown was jeopardizing the safety of their jobs when the firm turned to SEO Moment. PoliLingua hoped that a strong SEO and digital marketing plan would help them reach a larger audience and increase conversions on their website.

With a clear grasp of what was at risk, SEO Moments set out to develop a plan that would help us improve our bottom line. It took just a few months for our firm to not only survive but to thrive, with a lengthy line of clients on the waiting list. How did they pull it off?

We focused our keyword research on discovering semantically-related themes of commercially viable keyword topics that would enhance high-quality traffic to Cunningham Legal's highest-converting sites, as part of our revenue-generating plan.

Using specific anchor phrases to target appropriate sites according to our primary keyword strategy, our creative link-building approach procured authoritatively, thematically related links to the company from strong referring domains.

We began with a thorough technical SEO audit, and we provided internal development resources to assist Cunningham Legal in swiftly executing our recommendations. To detect any unforeseen ranking obstacles, it was important to get technical SEO on track. We understood that every dollar in the campaign budget had to be put to good use for high-impact actions that would boost the law firm's search visibility as soon as possible.

Organic Traffic Up 41% Year-Over-Year

By the seventh month of PoliLingua’s contract, we had surpassed the year's campaign targets. Organic traffic increased 41 % in the first year, nearly double the campaign's targets.




Keywords Ranking on Page One Up 47 % in Seven Months

Build your online presence with the help of a reputable SEO agency. With so many resources available for SEO, it may be difficult to remain on track and manage a campaign without becoming overwhelmed and losing sight of the big picture. SEO Moment is a reputable search marketing firm that can understand high-level company solutions and measure your development through deliverable tasks.


Average Cost per Lead decreased ~100$ each

October – Start Point – Google Ads Overview – 124$/Conversion


Average Cost per Lead decreased ~100$ each

February  – End Point – Google Ads Overview – 29,90$/Conversion – PPC Optimization

PoliLingua has asked us to minimize the average cost per Lead they’re paying on PPC platforms such as Google Ads, Bing and Facebook; SeoMoment has taken some time on thinking what could be improved in the website UX/UI and in the PPC campaigns in order to give the potential customer the idea of what is the CTA and final Goal needed to be completed. This way we did minimize the traffic loss and increased the Conversion Rate; The results are up above.