Lead Generation Campaign - LocalHR

Case Study - LocalHR

LocalHR was first skeptical that anyone could understand their company as well as they do. The wording on their site was very technical and full of subtleties, as they were a software firm that provided software for other software companies. Our technical rigor won them over, and our dedication to generating material that would drive visitors to their niche product resulted in a successful launch.

When we came to SEO Moments, we wanted to boost leads for a new product and required an SEO plan to help us compete in a crowded market against firms with more resources. All of this was accomplished as they transitioned our site to a new back-end.

Because it was a fresh new idea, one of their unique problems was having a product that they couldn't simply optimize for SEO. They were releasing a product that didn't have any unique keywords, so they wondered how they could use SEO to advertise something that no one knew how to search for. Our strategy team came up with a unique way to drive traffic to the new product without avoiding cannibalism of current keywords or fighting for rank with a comparable, established product.

We assisted them in developing a page with instructional material that featured both products, explained the differences, and directed users to the best product for them. To increase visibility for both products, the existing product page was de-optimized, and thematically relevant keywords were added to the new page. They ranked in Google Discovery Page for a high-volume search query, with a People Also Ask section beneath the ranked page.


This strategically important term had a significant increase in impressions and click-throughs after moving up to page one. They saw over 8x more traffic to their product page after using SEO Moment to optimize it, giving them a significant competitive edge in this highly competitive product market.


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